Ahmad Rafi Ad Absurdum. Portrait des Schauspielers Massud Rahnama


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Ad Absurdum. Portrait of the actor Massud Rahnama
Video-Diptych, 2003-2019
Duration 60 min./15 min.

Ad absurdum. Portrait of the actor Massud Rahnama: A video work in two sequences. The video sequences were recorded in different time periods and show the actor Massoud Rahnama, who lives in Vienna, in performance. The actor treads a fine line between acting and non-acting behind the stage, alone in front of the camera. The performances unfold through spontaneous actions based on simple concepts such as “hate and love“ and “ad absurdum“.

Behind the Canvas:In the “Canvas Cycle“ painting series, two essential elements initially emerge: the canvas depicted as a curtain, and the hidden figure behind it. The body merges with the canvas and is enveloped by it. The imaginary change of view between the canvas depicted as subject and the canvas as bearer of the picture, suggests a fictitious space behind the picture, where the artist stands as actor.

*1961 Teheran, Iran, lives and works in Frankfurt am Main