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Kunstverein Familie Montez, Frankfurt/Main

The silent space before the idea

A 48 sqm corner area will be covered with green artificial turf. By means of a vertical, semi-transparent plastic tarpaulin, an inner and outer field will be marked, which allows access and viewing from both sides of the wall.

The tarpaulin simultaneously functions as a projection screen between imagination and reality – illusion and hallucination. It can also be used as a projection screen for the other participating artists. Within the walk-in space cell, a horizontally aligned, slightly inclined metal tube floats at eye level – similar to a targeting lance – at the end of which a burning LED torch is integrated. It is a tool, agent, a direction and a will element.

A fan in front of the foil ensures movement.

The installation visualizes the special moment before the action and can be read as a “prenatal“ form of Cervantes‘ space of thought or intention.

Jürgen Hafner: *1950 Sailauf, lives and works in 63840 Hausen
Roland Wolf: *1954 Mainaschaff, lives and works in Aschaffenburg
Ralf Münz: *1960 Laufach, lives and works in Aschaffenburg
Wolfgang Müllerschön: siehe Seite 34