Opening speech

Borjana Kanidu
Chairwoman The Different Vision in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria

The NGO “The Different Vision“ is an art association that promotes the dynamic forms of contemporary art in alternative spaces.

An architectural monument built in the heart of the city of Stara Zagora in 1923, will be the venue for the exhibition “Artist / Don Quixote“ in Bulgaria. The house of the architect Hristo Dimov, who was called “knight of the modern Western European style“ because of his important work, will become a space of imagination and creative ingenuity.

Don Quixote is understood as a symbol, a synthesis, as a reflection of the artistic ego and its perception, as a silent companion who keeps the artist company on all his travels, experiencing his enthusiasm and suffering. Even when tender and sensitive, his voice sounds solid and strong with an inner strength free from the mental dullness. A dreamer who dreams our own dreams.
“The Different Vision“