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Instituto Cervantes, Frankfurt/Main, 27.09.2019, 19 h

Music project, a history of the guitar: In this project the focus is on guitar-like instruments played in Spain in the 16th century, when the country was experiencing its golden age. From this period comes the oldest written evidence of a guitar on Spanish soil, which was known as an ancient national instrument. Since no original instruments from this period have survived, the question remains as to how the music of the various guitar types might have sounded.

In order to come closer to the original tonality, the BGQ interpreters return to the origin of the modern guitar in Spain in the age of Cervantes, within the frame of a chamber music concert. Within the „Tempi Moderni“ concert program, which includes performances of Renaissance music on modern and historical instruments, focus falls on both the 16th and the 20th centuries. It is an attempt to bridge the musical styles of distant epochs and thus create a cosmos of exciting musical contrasts.

Svetoslav Stoychev: *1989 Stara Zagora, Bulgarien, lives and works in Frankfurt /M.
Barrios Guitar Quartet: Stefan Hladek, Martin Wentzel, Eugen Drabynka, Kalin Yanchev